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Canada Immigration:-

The second-largest country by area is considered as the land of opportunities, with an abundance of natural resources like water, vegetation, land it explores the ability of the human resource to develop in a unique way. Because of the factors like a higher standard of living, better career-building opportunities, quality of education it has been ranked no.1 place to live by the United Nations.

Why Migrate to Canada

  • Being a developed country, it provides better opportunities to learn and grow.
  • The 10th highest GDP nation offers a higher level of income.
  • Enhance the standard of living.
  • A good education for children
  • Stable political and socio-economic environment.
  • Free medical and healthcare facilities.
  • Equal rights under Canadian law as domestic citizens.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Educational profiles
  • Professional profiles
  • Language benchmark in English i.e. IELTS
  • Age & work experience
  • Legal documentation

Process of Canada immigration

  • Skilled workers under express entry pool.
  • Family class sponsorship for parents, grandparents, children, spouses.
  • Canadian experience class with experience in Canada.
  • Under provincial nominee program (PNP) for 10 provinces and 3 territories.
  • As investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Quebec experienced class for those who want to reside in Quebec.

Express Entry profile

Government of Canada issues PR’s to skilled professionals under express entry pool on the basis of the CRS Comprehensive Ranking Score system. CRS is comprised of a total of 1200 points based on different factors mentioned below.

  • Canada visa process includes human capital factors such as the current Age, Education Qualifications, Work Experience, and language ability of the applicant.
  • If Spouse or other common-law partners accompany their points will also benefit the primary applicant.
  • Arranged Employment, previous Canadian Study, or Work Experience or Sibling in Canada will also help increasing Score.

The government of Canada chooses candidates ranked highest in the poll so it’s in a candidate’s best interest in improving his CRS score.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Express Entry.

Foreign nationals may check their Canada PR Eligibility criteria based on the below factors, IRCC determines candidate Eligibility based on a unique point system, and highest-ranked candidates in the Express Entry Pool will have higher chances of getting PR’s invitation.
  • Education credential assessment i.e. diploma, degree, master’s, etc by submitting valid ECA Report
  • Applicant should have one year of full time paid job experience in Occupation listed in NOC Skill 0, A, and B.
  • Language ability is equivalent to the Canadian language benchmark level of 7.
The Federal Skilled Worker selection factors are listed below.
Selection FactorsPoints
AgeUp to 12 Points
Work experienceup to 15 points
Language Abilityup to 28 Points
EducationUp to 25 Points
Arranged Employmentup to 10 Points
Adaptabilityup to 10 Points

To be eligible for Canada visa process, a candidate must score 67 points out of a total of 100 points available combining all the 6 factors. Eligible candidates with 67 points or more will get Entry into the Express Entry pool were based on CRS they will get Visa Invitation.

Comprehensive Ranking System Points Breakdown

Express Entry is a common platform for all applicants seeking Canada PR, once you enter into the Express Entry pool you will be ranked compared to all other applicants based upon your CRS score.

The CRS score is calculated from human capital factors such as your Age, Work Experience, Education Credentials, and language ability. Apart from that few additional factors are also considered for Points calculation, the brief is as below:

  • Human capital factors contribute to a total of 500 points in the CRS Score.
  • Additional factors like Arranged Employment, nomination from a province, previous Canadian work or study experience, or Sibling in Canada can contribute a total of 600 points.
  • Skill transferability factors including different skill combinations make a total of 100 points.

So out of total 1200 points, available applicants are given a score, and those whose scores are higher have maximum chances of getting Canadian PR.

For applicants who have an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, the maximum available points are calculated differently as they may also get points based upon their spouse or common-law partner human factors and skills to different factors.

Sibling in Canada

  • 15 points are given to candidates who have siblings in Canada and are 18 years or above of age, points are also awarded if your spouse or common-law partners have siblings. The relation to the sibling can be through adaptation or blood and you must share a mother or father with the sibling.

Family Class Sponsorship

  • IRRC also allows PR’s member’s residing in Canada to bring their family member’s into the country but PR members can sponsor a no of relations such as his/her spouses and common-law partners, parents and grandparents, and dependent children. A sponsor must fulfill minimum salary criteria set by IRCC and should not be charged for any criminal and sexual offense and no previous Sponsor application must be pending against his name.

The provincial nomination is another major route to a Canadian PR visa

Provincial nomination programs are for those foreign nationals who are interested in settling in any of the Province of Canada, after a certain tenure of time frame candidate are allowed to move and settle in other Province, Time frame depends upon which province you are applying for or currently residing in.

Each Canadian province and territory (except Nunavut and Quebec) has its own Provincial Nominee Program. One of each province’s immigration programs is linked with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

With more than 600 lakes and rich minerals deposits It’s one of the fastest-growing economies of Canada. The minimum wage per hour is 15 CAD.

Three types of immigration streams are:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

Home of Vancouver city is widely known for its film city.  The province is also famous for its scenic beauty with wide Mountain ranges and Nature Glaciers.

Two types of immigration streams are:

  • Skills Immigration (including Express Entry British Columbia)
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

It shares its boundaries with Ontario and the landscape is full of rivers, mountains, and forests. With a total population of approx 13.7 lacks it offers a variety of opportunities to immigrate.

Under MPNP stream it targets skilled and experienced foreign nationals and invites them to stay and work in their province.

Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

It’s the officially bilingual province of Canada with a population of  approx 8 lacks and home of very famous cities like Moncton and Fredericton

The main streams under NBPNP.

  • Skilled Workers with Employer Support
  • Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
  • Entrepreneurial Stream 
  • Skilled Workers with Family Support

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)

With a population less than even 6 lacks it offers opportunities to skilled and efficient workers to come and work in their province.

Two of the main streams are:

  • Newfoundland & Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker
  • Skilled Worker Category

Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

It also allows skilled and experienced workers to come and settle into the province.

Two of the main streams are:

  • Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry
  • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

It’s the most populous province of Canada and the home of Ottawa the capital city of Canada. The minimum wages are 14 CAD per hour.

The three immigration streams are:

  • Human Capital Category
  • Employer Job Offer Category
  • Business Category

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

With a population, just 1.6 lacks this province is famous for red sand beaches, lighthouses, and fertile farmland.

The three immigration streams are:

  • PEI PNP Express Entry
  • Labour Impact Category
  • Business Impact Category

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

It borders the United States to the south and is best known for its plain Grassland cover. With a population over just 11 Lacks it’s inviting aspirant skilled worker for SINP.

The three main categories are:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category

Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)

With a population of just over 40,000 it has an abundance of natural resources like natural gas, petroleum, etc,

The main immigration streams are 

  • Express Entry System for Skilled Workers
  • Skilled Worker

Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

With a very less population of over 30,000, it allows great opportunities for individuals who want to settle in outdoor scenic beauties.

The main immigration streams are:

  • Yukon Express Entry (YEE)
  • Skilled Worker

Invitation to Apply for Canadian PR:-


How Invitation’s from Canadian Govt are received

Initially, all the candidates who are eligible to obtain ITA are placed in the Express Entry pool with minimum criteria of 67 points. After that CRS score is calculated in the poll and a cut-off is set by the government of Canada every 14-18 days and those candidates meeting the cut –off or are placed high in the cut –off list will receive an invitation to apply through PR.

How long ITA are valid

All Eligible candidates should note that the ITA’s issued are valid for 60 days and if a candidate failed to submit the required documents within this time frame then the validity won’t be extended. The candidate will now have to re-enter the express entry pool in order to be eligible for another try. So it’s in the best interest of the candidate to start accumulating all required documents once he/she enters the pool.

Misrepresentation during application or document submission 

In every manner, the information provided by the candidate should be correct, if any misrepresentation or false claims are found then there are severe penalties imposed. Any candidate going into the pool found guilty of presenting false information may be banned to re-enter for 5 years.

So one should ensure that all information provide is correct with required supporting documents that are genuine. If anyone else misrepresented on your behalf while submitting documents that will also not be exempted and you will have to bear the penalties.

How to accept an ITA


Once ITA is received it will be reflected for 60 days in the candidate’s profile. And all the required documents will have to be uploaded online, once all the documents are uploaded and submitted and acknowledgment will be issued automatically.

After documents are submitted IRCC will review it and aims to complete the process within 6 months of time.

What does Expiry of ITA mean

If any candidate does not submit the required documents or Decline then the ITA will automatically expire after 60 days, it will no longer be available in the candidate’s profile. After this, if any candidate still wants to immigrate then, in this case, he/she has to again enter the Express entry poll and has to prove his Eligibility so he/she can be considered in future rounds.

Can we decline an ITA

Yes, any candidate who wishes to decline the ITA can do so and after doing so his/her profile will again be placed into the Express Entry pool where he/she has to wait for future rounds of invitation in which they may or may not receive an ITA.